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Oct 28, 2013 6:00am EDT
. you get into the loophole discussion. >> we're going to do gun control, immigration, climate change. >> i think you need corporate and individual. >> immigration. he's already raised -- >> he's raised the rate on individuals. do something with corporations. >> i think it would be a fantastic idea. >> of course in this country. you want lower overall -- there's no argument about that and how you get the overall rate. >> it would be fairer for smaller corporations that can't afford to have the accountants. >> you should write a column on it. what's your stupid column on today? you should write a column on it tomorrow. >> i'm preparing it now. >> jamie dimon. >> you're leading him. >> i saw the headline. >> you couldn't get this through your editor. >> i can get any -- >> no. >> not arguing for lower corporate taxes. >> that's easy. >> by the way, if you haven't figured it out already, we're joined by ben white. he is "morning money's" -- politico's -- >> he's my only ally. >> you're beltway ben. >> "morning money." you're wrong. i agree with the whole argument. i'm looking at the stat
Oct 31, 2013 6:00am EDT
the first quarter, maybe immigration, but nothing huge. this gets harder to defend and just lock in, it's getting hard to do, as health care. >> there's more jobs than they thought. they thought this thing was a done deal. it's becoming a real liability. >> and all that tap dancing yesterday, really, you can sum up what the president has been saying all along. you can keep your plan as long as it's something that is -- that it adheres to the rules that we're putting forth for obama care. as long as we think it's an okay plan, you're allowed to keep it. you're not smart enough to decide yourself -- >> the crushing sound bite -- >> the -- is that the sound bite ta you think -- >> he said it's about 5% of the american people in the individual market and the subset of that group will be affected by this. they got new plans ever since the law -- >> you need more -- >> but the loophole. they don't feel this is a big rob. but the crushing sound bite for the president is that he said you can keep your plan, period. he didn't say you can keep your plan, comma, but. and that's going to hurt t
Nov 4, 2013 6:00am EST
. >> george mitchell, son of a goat herder in greece. he was an immigrant. he was running out of gas. his company was called mitchell energy. nick steinberger, i wrote about him. he had a break through and changed the country and the world. there are guys like harold ham. he grew up dirt poor. couldn't even start school until christmas time each year because he had to help his parents in the fields picking cotton and watermelon. now he's worth about $14 billion. his wife is going to walk away with more money than oprah. that's a lot of money. >> who is the publisher of this book? >> penguin. >> did you talk to them about the title? no one thought of meet the fraccers? >> why would you call it meet the -- you are introducing the frackers to us. you didn't want it to be funny? >> we thought about it. >> you thought about meet the frackers. >> look in the back of the book. it says meet the frackers. >> i thought it was only me. >> you know what, then it's fine you didn't use it. we ran it past them. they were like, ah, no. i gave it a shot. >> sticks in a mud. >> for business, right. for the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3